Why is our Poultry Different?

Our poultry is pasture raised. Their diet consists primarily of nutritious pasture grasses and yummy insects (which the chickens love to eat!) and is supplemented with locally sourced grain from Lakeview Organics.  

What your meat consumes makes all the difference in how it tastes and it's nutritional content. Having a natural diet from pasture, supplemented with grain from one of the best quality grain producers in the country, ensures you will be eating food with an abundance of sustenance while being extremely tasty!

Ultimately, purchasing your meat from a small farm ensures quality that can not be replicated by mass production under any circumstance!

How does the CSA Subscription work?

1. You pick and pay for the share type of your choice

2. You pick it up at the designated location during the specified pick up time.

It's that simple!

Share Types

Full share - Picked up weekly starting June 13th

Half share - Picked up every other week starting June 13th

So that comes out to 10 or 20 chickens over the course of 5 months.

How will I get my Chicken?

Shares will be available to be picked up weekly at one of the designated pick-up locations:

Village of Skaneateles - TBD

At the Farm - 1789 East Lake Rd, Skaneateles 13152

You can get your share as a whole chicken or quartered. Chickens will be frozen. This ensure the chickens remain fresh and allows for us to raise chickens in the most economic and environmentally sound manner.

Is frozen chicken different than unfrozen chicken?

Other than one being frozen and versus not frozen, there really isn't a difference! Frozen chicken can be just as fresh as un-frozen chicken if frozen at the correct time.

What if I want more than one chicken for a certain week or need to miss a week?

No problem! Just let us know 24 hours before hand and we will happily accommodate. This doesn't change the total amount of chickens you get but allows you to have some control over when you receive the chicken.